Early mathematical skills are taught through practical, hands-on experiences of using, comparing and calculating with numbers and quantities in order to establish the best mathematical start. In the early years and key stage one we ensure the children develop a mastery of number and place value in order to provide a firm foundation for the rest of the maths curriculum. In key stage one you will meet our 'maths monkeys' who go home with the children and participate in real life maths activities with our families.

All children are taught the basic skills of using written calculations and mental calculations. We then plan regular opportunities for the children to apply these to solve problems, both across the curriculum and in relevant and challenging contexts.

The learning of tables “by heart” and key mathematical facts is regarded as essential by the school and homework is set to achieve this. Including Times Table Rock Star - a fun, engaging way for the children to improve their own knowledge. This is used by the pupils both in school and at home. Regular 'Rock Star wrangles' keep the children (and parents) motivated by adding an element of competition.

During mathematics lessons, the children have plenty of opportunities to collaborate so that they help each other and learn from each other. They are encouraged to reason about number, make connections and articulate their reasoning.

Stimulating resources are used to excite the children, present mathematics in an interesting and enjoyable way and allow the children to actively participate in the learning process.