Religious Education


Ofsted 2018 "Pupils are well behaved, polite and friendly.  Their understanding of different faiths, religions and different types of families is strong".

St Werburgh’s School follows the religious education scheme “The Way, The Truth and The Life”.  The series is based on the Religious Education Curriculum Directory for Catholic schools.

Each year group has their own topics for the year, studied on a half termly basis.

Foundation Stage : God’s World. God’s Family, Getting to Know Jeus, Sorrow and Joy, New Life, A Church.

Year 1: God’s Great Plan, Mary – Mother of God, Families and Celebrations, Following Jesus, Resurrection, Miracles.

Year 2 : Chosen People, Mysteries, The Good News, The Mass, Eastertide, The Church is Born.

Year 3 : The Christian Family, Mary Our Mother, Called to Change, Eucharist, Celebrating Easter and Pentecost, Being a Christian.

Year 4 : The Bible, Trusting God, Jesus the Teacher, Jesus the Saviour, Mission of the Church, Belonging to the Church.

Year 5 : Gifts from God, The Commandments, Inspirational People, Reconciliation, Life in the Risen Jesus, People of Other Faiths.

Year 6 : The Kingdom of God, Justice, Jesus Son of God, Jesus the Bread of Life, The work of the Apostles, Called to Serve.

At St Werburgh’s School, we work closely and have good links with the Parish of St Werburghs.  The children regularly lead and participate in Mass at the Church.  Mass and other liturgies are also celebrated in school on a regular basis.  Members of the Parish are also invited to celebrate with us in school, such as during a Key Stage One led Nativity and Key Stage Two Carol Service.

The Headteacher or other members of senior staff lead whole school Acts of Worship.  These take place every Monday and Friday to begin and end our week as a whole school with Our Lord.  Children are encouraged to bring their own prayers during these times and we pray together for each other, our families, our community and the wider world.

Year 3 is a particularly special year, as it is when the children make their sacrament of reconciliation and receive the sacrament of the Eucharist.  As a school, we serve the Catholic Community by preparing them for these sacraments.  Non Catholic children are never left out and the programme is adapted for them.

We recognise the importance of children having a knowledge of other religions of the world. We, therefore, include a whole school focus on one of the main religions of the world.

One of the core reasons for this is to promote respect and tolerance of those different faiths and beliefs.  This is, of course, in line with core British Values.