Humanities, Art and DT


At St Werburgh’s History, Geography, Art and DT are taught through topic-led work. Our curriculum overviews show the topics taught.  We make these topics meaningful, relevant and exciting by having visitors in or going out to engage in first hand experiences.  For example, children have visited Hamilton Square, Birkenhead Priory, Chester Zoo, Liverpool Cathedral, Claremont Farm, Liverpool Museum and had visitors in school such as The Creepy, Crawly Show and Roman Centurion!

Through History we aim to equip children with the skills needed to find out about any period in the past. In addition to acquiring knowledge about other times and places, children learn to use a variety of historical sources, including pictures, photos, documents and artefacts; and to present what they find out in different ways. This develops their investigative skills and gives them an understanding of chronology.

In Geography we focus on teaching children the geographical skills and knowledge that is needed to understand both places and issues including learning about the processes and consequences of change in different environments. The local environment is frequently used as a learning resource, with children looking at how the area of Birkenhead has changed. The children investigate some of the problems that local, national and international areas face, both at present and in the future.

Art and DT are taught through the range of these exciting contexts.

 In Art, children work in both 2D and 3D on a range of exciting projects tied into their learning in other subject areas.  They work on both large and small scales, individuals collaboratively in groups.  The children have engaged in and have been to sketch and paint a castle using paint effects.  They have also made Egyptian masks and a wooden picture frame to frame their work.

In DT children look at aspects designing textiles, moving models and food technology..